Praise the Lord with us:


  • For the new converts and the new visitors who have been coming to our meetings every Sunday service.
  • For the Easter Services which were an awesome opportunity to share the gospel with so many unbelievers.
  • For the leaders and the faithful servants of all the ministries who have being a tremendous help to me doing the work of the ministry serving the body of Christ.
  • For the visit of two dear sisters from Herborn, Germany, Ute and Laura, who spent some days with us and were such refreshment from the Lord to our lives.
  • For the kids in the ministry at the slums called Mexico 70, who keep coming and growing in the Lord every Sunday morning.
  • For the book of Second Corinthians which we have finished studying it as a church on Sundays evening and for the beginning of the studies on Colossians, which has been a mind blowing experience for us as a body, looking at the Supremacy of Jesus Christ as God in flesh.
  • For our School of Ministry, which has being going on since the beginning of the year and for the 14 students who have been perseverant doing the classes every night during the week even after a whole day of work. May the Lord keep them strong!
  • For all those supporters that the Lord has being using to provide financially for our needs as a family.